Two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, three Ukrainian families fled their homes near Odesa, Ukraine together. All eleven of them crowded into one vehicle and drove through 5 countries until they eventually found temporary shelter in Warsaw, Poland, which is where Whitney met them. Whitney spent a month with these families while volunteering at a hotel in Warsaw. In July we brought them to Bountiful, Utah, under the Uniting for Ukraine program. A month later, we helped two additional Ukrainian families come to Utah.

Uniting for Ukraine is 100% reliant on the Ukrainians having a person in the U.S. who agrees to provide them with financial support for the duration of their stay. Realistically, this is an enormous burden for any one individual or family, so we have reached out to our community for support.

Thanks to the help of many, we have successfully found long-term housing for three families, a vehicle for four families, and jobs for seven of the ten adults. We are currently searching for affordable housing near Bountiful for two families and an additional car.

We also need additional financial contributions to help with expenses such as driving lessons, root canals, dental crowns, and living costs. We are also looking for donations to support family and friends in Ukraine, where there is no work, and to help with transportation costs for additional Ukrainians to travel here.

Contact us below if you would like to make an in-kind donation, be a co-sponsor or if you have any other resources you can point us to.

Thank you!

Eric & Whitney Holcomb

Thank you!

After spending a month with Ukrainian refugees in Poland, these kids decided to surprise Whitney with a Thank You video the night before she left.

Did someone just start chopping onions around here?